Transforming Love

Transformation beginsAllow Me to transform you as you relax in My Presence. I speak healing peace to your spirit as you completely focus on My love for you. Truly, My mercy and grace will wash away any fear that threatens  to overwhelm you; My love will change that fear into a confident trust in Me.

I tell you that your time and your energy are precious commodities that must be used wisely, so turn your eyes upon Me, and allow My Spirit to guide your steps today.


Blessed be His Name

create in meIn order to live in My Presence, you must recognize your rebellious tendencies. As you come to realize that you may resent My interference in your daily life. You can then bring those tendencies boldly before Me, and I will cleanse you of them and set you free!

Blessed be the Name of the Lord; He gives and He takes away. Blessed be His name.


Set Free

freedom - John 8:36There is now no condemnation for those who belong to Me. Indeed, I have pardoned your every transgression and I have redeemed you for all eternity. Leave that burden of guilt at the foot of My cross, trusting Me to deliver you from eternal judgement. Accept once again My sacrifice and trust Me to lead you beside still waters that will refresh you, restore you, and fill you with a new hope for your future.


Be Loosed!

IMG_20160823_153006Be ye loosed this day to worship Me with abandon, O child of Mine, for this is indeed the day that I have declared to be your rest!  Hear My whispered call beckoning you to that secret place that We share, and be drawn to the Well that will never run dry.  In this place I will saturate you in the sweet goodness of My Spirit, you will be renewed once again; and then…….go to church!  There you can now feel free to worship Me in the fellowship of other believers and be encouraged in your walk with Me.


Oil in My Lamp

streets of gold

I have been diligently preparing a place for you just as My Father in Heaven has commissioned Me to do. When everything is ready, I will come to get you.

Are you growing weary and restless while you await My return? Truly I tell you that the time is  drawing near.   The  trumpet will sound,  and I will be coming for My bride. Will there be oil your lamp?