I love it when my children sit around the table and reminisce about their childhood memories! They laugh and love; they share secrets and smiles. Every now and then, I get a glimpse of the some things that parents weren’t supposed to know,… Some I did … Some I did not.

These trips down memory lane were planned many years ago – on purpose. In fact, I used a book by Shirley Dobson called Let’s Make A Memory. My adult daughter was stunned by the fact that I did not think up all of those memory-making activities by myself, that I had help. I was quick to remind her that there was no Pinterest in the 80’s….

42a463d773cfbab06e33b11a4a97beeaDo you remember the part in the movie WAR ROOM when Elizabeth was just meeting Clara to possibly sell her house? Elizabeth was intrigued by the wall display in the hall. Miss Clara used that answered prayer collage as a witnessing tool. When someone asked her about it, she got to tell them about God’s faithfulness in her life, thus insuring the opportunity to share God’s love with anyone who came into her home.

But It had a dual purpose.

When Miss Clara recorded her milestones, her answers to prayer, she was also insuring that she did not forget what the Lord had done in her life. She had a reason to praise the Lord every time she walked past her memorial.

We think that we will not forget when monumental things happen in our lives… But we do. Yes, we can remember when something or someone triggers that memory, but most of the time our praise is general and vague.

God has instructed us as his children to remember all that He has done. Old testament Scripture is filled with His simple command – Remember! Do not forget what the Lord has done for you!

You might even consider a word study on the word remember in your spare time!

I would submit to you that our Bible is just what we are discussing. It is a record of God’s deliverance, of His protection, of His faithfulness. Remembering all that God has done for us since the beginning of time is foundational truth for living a victorious Christian life. For instance, we would have no power or courage, nor would we have the will to forgive if we were to forget the pardon of God that was purchased for us at Calvary. Remembering what God has done is vital for our faith to stay an integral part of our lives.

Jesus told us that one of the functions of the Holy Spirit is to help believers remember… RememberJohn 14:26 “but the helper, the Holy Spirit, whom the Father shall send in my name, will teach you all things and bring to your remembrance all that I have said to you.”

How has the Holy Spirit helped you remember what God has done in your life? Do you keep a record? Personal victories are important to your testimony as a born again believer. No one can convince me that my personal experiences did not happen. So it might just be important to keep them fresh in my memory. Right?

Throughout the years, I have had many encounters with God. I was brought up in the church. I came to understand the power of the Holy Spirit in my late 20’s, and I was blessed to be able to raise my children in the love and admonition of the Lord since they were born. Do I have records? Unfortunately, no I do not.
Oh, I have a wonderful picture library of christenings and Sunday School and children’s church experiences, I have great scrapbook collages of VBS, mixed in with school trips, church picnics and graduations. But nothing is recorded that gives God Glory for what He has done. As a result, I have a collage of memories. I struggle to remember details of special events.

Just like Miss Clara, I have not done things right. He is still working on me, and I am still learning (my daddy always said, learn one new thing each day and someday you may know something). As God teaches me, I apply the lessons to my life. Once he reveals a truth to me, I am then responsible to apply that truth. Amen?

My challenge to you is simple. What will you do with the things you have learned in this study? If you do not apply the learned principles of a powerful prayer life, the enemy will come in like a flood to rob you of your new-found truths. If you do not record what the Lord has done in you, for you you, through you – you are at risk to lose your testimony and War Room becomes a distant memory of a good movie that you saw once upon a time.