Choose Thanksgiving

Thanking Me in the midst of every storm, every temptation, and yes, even when you feel abandoned will surely make a difference in your heart. As you persist in positive attitudes and words of prayer and praise, your spirit will soon soar above every negative situation.
prayer and praiseIt is true, dear one, that you cannot help what you think or how you feel. However, our Father gave us a free will. Therefore it becomes your choice each day whether you will thank Me or blame Me in every situation.

Declare My Glory

Declare this day to Whom you pledge allegiance. Time is growing short, and My Father in heaven will soon send Me to collect My bride. Will you be among those who are prepared? I tell you truly, the rocks are beginning to cry out because the roar of thunderous praise is growing fainter. Indeed, I Am requires your voice as you go out into your day.
firmaments declare your gloryI call My church, those who are called by My name, to proclaim My Glory every waking moment, to walk in confessed forgiveness, and to shout victory in Jesus!

Access to the Father

I AM your living Saviour  who willingly sacrificed My life so that you could have unlimited access to my Father. I chose to shed My blood for you; do not doubt or deny your Inheritance. I implore Askyou to enter the throne room boldly, wearing My robes of righteousness which do indeed cover a multitude of sin and ask anything in My name as a rightful heir.
Truly, I tell you that you have not because you asked not.


Victory each day

The light of My Presence shines on Our path as We walk togther, and it banishes all fear and anxious thoughts because you are focused on Me. Hold My hand and boldly face the events of this day for truly I have already gone before you.
PhotoGrid_1459834763766Remember, child, that you were created to be dependent on Me, so do not condemn you weaknesses when you stray from My side. Instead, draw strength from your faith as you experience victory at each challenge that We confront together.