Sharing what you have

Allow My love to flow through you, touching others as you trust Me to overflow your spirit with eternal hope and expectation. When your thoughts include Me in your day, My covering will hide you from the enemy and wash away any lingering fear of emptiness. Share My gifts with those who are hungry and I will sustain you.
Indeed, you are serving Me when you minister to others.

Face your fear

Do not doubt that I have given My angels charge over you as you face the tribulations of the day. Indeed, I have set a hedge of warriors to battle the onslaught of the enemy who comes against you as you proclaim victory even while you have yet to see. Your faith will become sight in My time. Continue to proclaim overwhelming victory as you wait for Me.

My gift for you

Constant companionship is My gift to you each day. No matter what circumstances you find yourself in today, no one can take away this glorious gift! It’s mana for your taking; come and gather your daily portion of My Grace that is lavishly spread before you.
Take Me with you when you leave your secret place and trust Me as you make decisions today. Just as I have nourished you for the day, I have also given you a clear mind and a pure heart. Go and expect My Glory to lead you…


Keep your focus

Exactly how important is it that you touch Me? I tell you truly that you must focus on the prize which is so very elusive in this very chaotic and distracting season of your life.

If you need encouragement, seek My face; if you need My healing touch, reach for the hem of My garment. If you need provision, hold out your hand. When you are lost and in need of direction, watch for My Light. Indeed, I AM all that you need today.


Pure Freedom

Child, have you not learned that true freedom is only possessed by conscientious choice each day? The path of forgiveness will lighten your step, and a word of encouragement will put a song in your heart. Desire this kind of freedom above all, and I will teach you how to fly like a butterfly, set free from oppression, filled with joy unimaginable.
Yes, true freedom is elusive but worth pursuing. Come to this high place with Me, and we will soar togther.