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Freedom of Forgiveness

Won’t you walk with Me in the freedom of forgiveness today? The burden you carry will eventually cause you to stumble and fall on this narrow path that We take togther. Only at your request will I take this  burden from you so that you may walk tall before My Father.

Truly, My child,  it is My unconditional love for you that will set you free!

Thou art loosed!

There is none who loves you more than I.

Indeed, I love you enough to give you the freedom to choose your master. However do not mistake the gentle breeze that carries you so far away from My Presence as permission to frolic in darkness without consequence, for My Light will find you. Instead, choose the high places that I can lead you to, places where you will be cherished and protected. This is where you will experience true love.

Pure Freedom

Child, have you not learned that true freedom is only possessed by conscientious choice each day? The path of forgiveness will lighten your step, and a word of encouragement will put a song in your heart. Desire this kind of freedom above all, and I will teach you how to fly like a butterfly, set free from oppression, filled with joy unimaginable.
Yes, true freedom is elusive but worth pursuing. Come to this high place with Me, and we will soar togther.

He set you free!

If your journey in this valley has exhausted you, remember that I  am waiting to restore your energy, your will, and your enthusiasm. Bring your weariness to Me, and I will set you free from the chains that bind you,the darkness that envelopes you, and the enemy who oppresses you.

Indeed, freedom from the law of sin and death is My eternal promise to you.


Saturated in Jesus

Do not be downcast, My child, for the law of the Spirit has set you free from the law of sin and death. Indeed, your focus must shift from seeking approval in this world to accepting My unconditional love for you.

This freedom will become your habit as you seek Me each day.  As  you saturate  your soul with My forgiveness  and truly accept My unconditiona gift of Love , you will then be that bold witness with a powerful testimony of victory,