Refreshing fountain

There is an eternity of trouble-free, pain-free living prepared for you….
Come, all who are weary; I AM your Source for healing grace. I AM your refreshing fountain of Living Water who can completely consume you and restore your soul.
You can become joint heirs with Me by calling Me Lord. Again I  say, “Come!”



Do not expect this fallen world to treat you fairly – people will always disappoint you. When you feel mistreated, view it as an opportunity to grow in grace and earnestly seek true forgiveness in your heart. This is your pathway to true joy in this life!

By removing the heavy burdens of unforgiveness and resentment from your shoulders, you can now freely wear My robes of righteousness and keep your focus on Me.

Path to Peace

Be still, My child, and enjoy the peace I offer that only floods your being when you sit at My feet. Breathe in the air of My Presence and relax as My Face shines our Father’s Light upon you. Surely the brilliance of My Glory will dull any anxiety you feel this day.
Hide this serenity in your heart for it truly is an inner treasure that grows within you as you get closer to Me. Guard it as the treasure you have uncovered for you own – indeed, it is meant for you alone.


Because you have faithfully sought Me in the early morning mist,  My love is released to flow through you, nourishing your spirit with enthusiasm for the opportunities of the day before Us. Indeed, My loving-kindness will gently wash away any fear that threatens to distract you.

Turn your eyes upon Me in your secret place, and I will banish any apprehension that threatens your confidence to win each battle you face. As you soak in My Presecnce I will empower you to minister with a holy boldness that can only come through Me.


He is risen, indeed!

he is risenI say to you, “Whom are you seeking?” Truly, you have found Me! I Am He who loves you enough to die for you so that you might live forever with My Father in heaven. When you accept this gift, I will flood your spirit with assurance that I will never leave you nor forsake you.