it’s beginning to rain.  Come, dear one, and dance with Me in the rain. I have plans to change you as We waltz through the day. Indeed, this is My cleansing, refreshing Living Water poured out just for you.

whowantswhatyouvegot ?


Remember why you were created, My child. I formed you from the dust of this earth in order for Us to have a personal relationship, that you would desire to know Me as Lord and that you would share your life with Me as your constant companion.
Hear My voice calling to you as your Creator. I long to have My way in your life. Worship Me as King while walking with Me hand in hand so that Our day will be fruitful.


New Goal


Will you set a new goal this day? Will you seek to please Me before yourself? By setting your mind on things above, I AM able to protect you from scattering your thoughts and accomplishing little. Rather, I can guide you along the path I have chosen for this day, and you can be confident in each step.
Choose to stay in My Light, step boldly into our day together, and the responsibilities of the day will become Mine.