Watching and Waiting

Is today the day that My Father has chosen for My glorious return? Truly, I tell you that no one knows the day nor the hour. Just as I await that day, so must you be prepared for My second coming by diligently watching and waiting.
Anticipate My return with enthusiasm so that you become a bold witness in out doubting world.   Soon…very soon…


Come bless the Lord

Remember that I Am a God of abundance, My child, when you feel lacking. I have promised that My well shall never run dry; My capacity to bless you is limitless. Come into My Presence and experience My overwhelming fragrance of generosity for those who worship Me.

Truly, you have access to as much of Me as you have faith to receive.


Let it go

Truly, I tell you that you must recognize your own weaknesses and rebellious tendencies so that you can banish them from your daily habit. Prepare for your day by submitting yourself to the authority of My Word. As you trust Me with the things that concern you, your focus will become heavenly and your burden will melt away.
Yes, child, trusting Me with your thoughts will be your challenge this day. Ultimately, I will ask you to let go of anything I take from you, but never let go of My hand.


We bow down

Truly I tell you that as you worship Me in the stillness of your secret place,  you will find more than just a refuge from things unseen  or  misunderstood. Open your ears, My child, and hear My Voice; soak in  My Presence,   and you will gain instruction from My Holy Spirit.   Indeed, the more you listen, the more confident you will become.


Are you ready?

Indeed,  you have been chosen to be My bride.  Prepare yourself for my imminent return for  you.   Strive this day to remain watchful even in your busiest moments. Include Me in your conversation; tell Me what delights you, things that upset you. Share your thoughts and emotions with Me – not for My sake, My child, but for yours.