Fear hinders focus

Fear not, for I Am behind you. And yes, I Am your shield going before you. Trust Me to do what I have promised to do. Truly, I can do a better job than you! My power cannot be surpassed nor usurped.
Hear My word: fear can hinder the flow of My Power; so focus on My Glory and trust Me in all circumstances. When you turn to Me as your Source, there is no limit to how much I can strengthen you.


His plan forever

My purpose for your life has been planned since the beginning of time. Indeed, I have called you to pursue a holy life as you study My Word and get to know Me intimately. Are you comfortable becoming vulnerable in My Presence?  I want you to come to Me with all of your tears, questions, and doubts and I will change your fear into a bold testimony that truly sends a sweet aroma towards heaven.


Child of the King

My Father commanded that all of His angels would be commissioned to protect you before time began, and I have been charged with preparing a place in eternity for you. Yes, you are so loved!

Can you comprehend that you are joint heirs with Me, that I willingly paid with My life so that you have access to My Father’s throne?   Indeed,  you are a child of the King.

Perfect Peace

Allow Me to control your thoughts throughout your day – beginning early in the morning.  It is in this place of obedient discipline that We will take control of your words, your temperament, and your attitude. Because you live in the land of rebellion, We must guard your heart and constantly take each thought captive. Indeed, when My Spirit controls your mind, you will dwell in perfect peace.