gratitudeThankfulness is not magic, it is an attitude that will immediately usher you into My Presence. A grateful heart will focus on your blessings in the midst of trials and the hardest of life’s tribulations. In this place of gratitude, I can lavish My grace and unconditional love on you, so that you can then, in turn, bless others.
Be ye filled with the Joy of the Lord!


Choose My Presence

As you journey through life, there are many pitfalls. My Presence is both a promise and a shield of protection. I can defend you from the choose-whom-you-will-servedarkness of self-pity and despair, pride and self-will…but you must willingly accept these gifts.

Yes, even those who care for you most will lead you away from My side. So, I say, “Choose you this day whom you will serve… ”
Truly, My precious child, My Presence is your most precious gift today.


Consistent Trust

prov35-6Trust Me with all you have within you. What We can accomplish together is proportional to how much you will depend on Me. Difficult times will heighten your need for Me in your life, but be aware that you can be lulled into a sense of self-sufficiency when circumstances do not pressure you to turn to Me.
Your goal is to consistently trust Me, giving thanks in all circumstances so that you are always full of JOY.


Trust Me

consider-the-liliesAccept today – and every day – exactly as it comes to you; moment by moment. By that I not only mean the circumstances of your day but also the condition of your body and your spirit.
Your assignment is to trust Me absolutely, resting in My faithfulness to be exactly what you need today – just like I have promised.

I Am, after all,  the same loving Lord of yesterday, today. and tomorrow.


Healing Grace

healing-graceCome to Me with all of your weaknesses – physical, emotional, spiritual. Resting in My arms will nourish your thirsting soul, and I will administer the healing balm of Gilead to your open wounds. Yes, precious one,   My touch is all that you need today…

So, take you mind off of your problems and turn your eyes upon Me. I will, indeed, do more than you can ask or imagine.