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Expect Victory

Do you doubt that I live today?Do you desire understanding? Truly, I tell you again that understanding will not bring lasting peace into your life. This is the reason My Word instructs you to trust in Me and not in your own understanding.

This world has endless problems to confront and then overcome. The onslaught can overwhelm you if you do not stay close to Me. So, come into My Presence with expectation knowing that every victory comes through Me and so does the Peace which surpasses your understanding.


No condemnation

Do not worry about what this day will bring, nor anticipate how others will respond to you. Rather, focus your attention on My Light that is directing your footsteps along the path I have chosen for you. Trust Me, and do not be afraid. Truly, I tell you that there is now no condemnation for you who are entrusting Me. I AM your strength for today, the song in your heart, and your salvation for eternity.


Christmas List

“What do I  want for Christmas.?” you remember to ask.  As you begin the final days of preparation for celebrating My earthly birth, know that your heart is all I want. In  all your ways acknowledge Me, and I will, indeed, give you the desires of your heart.  My gifts back to you will be Love, Peace, Joy.  I will fill you to overflowing so that you can share with any who want what you’ve got.


Consistent Trust

prov35-6Trust Me with all you have within you. What We can accomplish together is proportional to how much you will depend on Me. Difficult times will heighten your need for Me in your life, but be aware that you can be lulled into a sense of self-sufficiency when circumstances do not pressure you to turn to Me.
Your goal is to consistently trust Me, giving thanks in all circumstances so that you are always full of JOY.


Goodness & Mercy

goodness-and-mercySurely Goodness and Mercy shall follow you….because you are faithful to trust in Me; because you choose to be thankful in all circumstances. As you keep your eyes on Me, the easier it is to trust; the more you trust, the easier it is to be thankful in every situation.

Can you see, My child, how your faith in Me will protect you throughout your day? Come! We have work to do…..