Fear Not!

Yes, it’s true – My love never fails…nor do the commandments of My Father.  As you hide My Word in your heart,  you will not sin against Me in ignorance . Indeed, I have made provision for you before My Father in heaven, so that you  do not have to fear judgement.  Instead, come into His Presence confidently with My assurance of pardon.


Wisdom is what you want

What do youwant from My Father  in heaven? Only My Light can illuminate your path through the darkest of valleys.   Only My Voice will guide you through the noise that threatens to distract you.
When you feel overwhelmed with confusion… Stop! Wait! Wait until you hear Me clearly.  It is then that you will walk confidently out of that darkness into My marvelous Light.

Truly, it is wisdom that you seek.



Remember, dear one, that even though I choose to dwell with you, I Am still the Creator of all heaven and earth. Use this day to see your surroundings with My eyes so that you can prepare your heart to worship Me in pure spirit and undiluted truth.
My Spirit has been imparted to you to be your Helper. Sit with Us so that We might open your eyes… Come. Now is the time to worship.