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Created to Worship

Will you gather with My people today in the sanctuary so you can experience My unconditional love and know that you are completely understood? Through My eyes you are clothed in robes of My righteousness, cleansed by My blood.
Rejoice with others in My Presence as you experience My Spirit within you, holding you, loving you….changing you from glory to glory. Indeed, dance before Me in obedience to My Word.


Undeniable Joy

Turn your gaze towards Me this day of rest and focus your heart on  Me with all your being. Relax in My loving arms without worrying about those around you so that you might experience My deepest Peace., My unconditional Love, My  undeniable Joy.
Respond to My Presence today by worshipping Me in spirit and and in truth. Truly, you will leave that place satisfied!

We bow down

Truly I tell you that as you worship Me in the stillness of your secret place,  you will find more than just a refuge from things unseen  or  misunderstood. Open your ears, My child, and hear My Voice; soak in  My Presence,   and you will gain instruction from My Holy Spirit.   Indeed, the more you listen, the more confident you will become.


I Am here!

Be encouraged, My child, as you struggle to stay focused on Me. I know that your heart’s desire is to remain aware of My Presence throughout your day – just pause and think about how far We have come in our personal relationship! Positive thinking will take you farther than the critical spirit you are tempted with each day.

Truly, this world is designed to distract you from My influence. Rather than feeling guilty, allow your spirit to joyfully run back into My Presence. I AM here; I AM here! Find Me waiting for you…



Remember, dear one, that even though I choose to dwell with you, I Am still the Creator of all heaven and earth. Use this day to see your surroundings with My eyes so that you can prepare your heart to worship Me in pure spirit and undiluted truth.
My Spirit has been imparted to you to be your Helper. Sit with Us so that We might open your eyes… Come. Now is the time to worship.