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One Master

You can serve only one master, and there is only one true King. Choose you this day whom you will serve. If I AM your chosen Lord, why do you seek pleasure outside of My Presence? I tell you, child, I Am a jealous God, and I require your undivided attention.
Come to Me with your concerns and your doubts; allow Me to empower you to be an unwavering witness that knows My Voice. Indeed, you will surely find freedom by seeking to please Me as your only Master.


Declare My Glory

Declare this day to Whom you pledge allegiance. Time is growing short, and My Father in heaven will soon send Me to collect My bride. Will you be among those who are prepared? I tell you truly, the rocks are beginning to cry out because the roar of thunderous praise is growing fainter. Indeed, I Am requires your voice as you go out into your day.
firmaments declare your gloryI call My church, those who are called by My name, to proclaim My Glory every waking moment, to walk in confessed forgiveness, and to shout victory in Jesus!

Access to the Father

I AM your living Saviour  who willingly sacrificed My life so that you could have unlimited access to my Father. I chose to shed My blood for you; do not doubt or deny your Inheritance. I implore Askyou to enter the throne room boldly, wearing My robes of righteousness which do indeed cover a multitude of sin and ask anything in My name as a rightful heir.
Truly, I tell you that you have not because you asked not.


Refreshing fountain

There is an eternity of trouble-free, pain-free living prepared for you….
Come, all who are weary; I AM your Source for healing grace. I AM your refreshing fountain of Living Water who can completely consume you and restore your soul.
You can become joint heirs with Me by calling Me Lord. Again I  say, “Come!”


I Am here!

Be encouraged, My child, as you struggle to stay focused on Me. I know that your heart’s desire is to remain aware of My Presence throughout your day – just pause and think about how far We have come in our personal relationship! Positive thinking will take you farther than the critical spirit you are tempted with each day.

Truly, this world is designed to distract you from My influence. Rather than feeling guilty, allow your spirit to joyfully run back into My Presence. I AM here; I AM here! Find Me waiting for you…