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Declare My Glory

Declare this day to Whom you pledge allegiance. Time is growing short, and My Father in heaven will soon send Me to collect My bride. Will you be among those who are prepared? I tell you truly, the rocks are beginning to cry out because the roar of thunderous praise is growing fainter. Indeed, I Am requires your voice as you go out into your day.
firmaments declare your gloryI call My church, those who are called by My name, to proclaim My Glory every waking moment, to walk in confessed forgiveness, and to shout victory in Jesus!

Energized by His glory

Hear My admonition, dear one. Time, as you know it, can frustrate your intent to sit in My Presence and be energized by My glory..  If you will discipline yourself to master your time, then the clock will never become your master. Indeed, I dwell in timelessness, but I will help you to focus on My plan within the constraints of your day. The demands will lessen, and My Light will lead you without flaw.
Come. Wait patiently with Me while I pour out My Glory on you.


Under the spout

Won’t you walk with Me in the freedom of forgiveness today? That burden you carry will cause you to stumble and fall on this narrow path that We take togther.  Only at your request will I take that burden from you so that you may walk tall before my Father. Truly, it is My unconditional love for you that will set you free!

Watching and Waiting

Is today the day that My Father has chosen for My glorious return? Truly, I tell you that no one knows the day nor the hour. Just as I await that day, so must you be prepared for My second coming by diligently watching and waiting.
Anticipate My return with enthusiasm so that you become a bold witness in out doubting world.   Soon…very soon…


Robes of righteousness

It was My choice to shed My blood for you.  Indeed,  freely I allowed my body to be crucified so that you might have eternal life with Me. Cover yourself with My sacrificial robes of righteousness so that you can boldly enter My Father’s sanctuary.

Come, My precious one. Stand under the spout where My Glory pours out and experience complete forgiveness. Here you will be filled to overflowing with the ability to forgive others…and then your Joy will be full.