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Shhh!                                                 You can only learn when you are silent, so come into My Presence willing to listen for My still, small voice. My Spirit will minister to you in this quiet place and teach you the intimate ways of the Lord. Indeed, in this secret place you will be strengthened to face the giants of your day and you will know the unexplainable joy promised to those who ask.

Again, I say, shhhh!


Trust Me

Now, will you follow Me where I lead and leave the outcome of the day in My hands?  Focus on the present; concentrate on staying in step with Me. Truly, I will lead you safely to green pastures and soothe you with the still waters of My Spirit.
Because I have already gone before you and made provision for every trial, believe that My Spirit will strengthen you for the coming journey through a dry desert, and We will overcome each obstacle together.

Make your choice

Recognize that choosing My path is in direct conflict with the way of this world, therefore the battle is wearisome. If you stop to rest, the negative forces of this world will sweep you away from Me.

I ask you again to come and draw strength to finish your tasks with excellence. Your main responsibility is to listen to My voice and follow where I lead. Truly, My work will not stress you nor will you be overwhelmed by the demands of the day when you start your day in My Presence.


Path to Peace

Be still, My child, and enjoy the peace I offer that only floods your being when you sit at My feet. Breathe in the air of My Presence and relax as My Face shines our Father’s Light upon you. Surely the brilliance of My Glory will dull any anxiety you feel this day.
Hide this serenity in your heart for it truly is an inner treasure that grows within you as you get closer to Me. Guard it as the treasure you have uncovered for you own – indeed, it is meant for you alone.


Because you have faithfully sought Me in the early morning mist,  My love is released to flow through you, nourishing your spirit with enthusiasm for the opportunities of the day before Us. Indeed, My loving-kindness will gently wash away any fear that threatens to distract you.

Turn your eyes upon Me in your secret place, and I will banish any apprehension that threatens your confidence to win each battle you face. As you soak in My Presecnce I will empower you to minister with a holy boldness that can only come through Me.