In the beginning

In the beginning I was with God; yes, I Am God of all time and all space. Seek Me early that I might commune with you and then keep Me close throughout your day. Understand that the enemy will distract you with all things that would concern you.  However, the problems of this world will be left behind as you walk with Me.
Trust Me, My child, as I share Our Father’s blessings with you. After all, they are yours – since the beginning.


Trust Me

As you move from My presence into the activities of your day, continue to keep focused on Me. When circumstances threaten your inner peace, simply turn the situation over to Me – I’ll be right there to handle any stress that crosses Our path.

Truly I tell you, My Glory will direct your steps through every valley, and My Peace will prevail over all chaos as you trust Me to be your guide.

Discernment is a gift

anointing Fall on meUnrest is a common occurrence in this unstable age. The restlessness in your spirit is My unction, My Spirit that dwells within you, bestowing a measure of discernment for such a time as this. Acknowledge this fresh anointing as My calling for you to hear My gentle voice, so that you might proclaim My peace with confident boldness in the midst of every raging storm.

Steps to Victory

Fear not, for I Am with you through every battle large and small. Position yourself in My Presence with expectation in your heart – permit My Spirit to become your shield of faith; watch as I deliver the enemy into your hand; then declare your victory as you sing praises to My name!


I call you friend

“Àllow Me to have My way in your life today,” says your Lord.
The intimacy I offer you is not an invitation to act as My equal, but rather it is an opportunity to know Me and My plan for you. Leave the concerns of your world in My care so that you can experience the peace that you are seeking.
Come with Me, precious one. Walk hand in hand with Me down this path called life – and truly, I will call you friend.