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Extravagant Love

I give to you a constant invitation to enter into My Presence. In the midst of your busyness, stop and listen for My whisper. When your mind and your spirit are still, you will be able to hear My call.
As you turn and recognize My Presence, I will fill you to overflowing. It is then that you experience how deep and how wide My extravagant love is for you. Truly, My Love cannot be measured – it can only be experienced.


In the beginning

In the beginning I was with God; yes, I Am God of all time and all space. Seek Me early that I might commune with you and then keep Me close throughout your day. Understand that the enemy will distract you with all things that would concern you.  However, the problems of this world will be left behind as you walk with Me.
Trust Me, My child, as I share Our Father’s blessings with you. After all, they are yours – since the beginning.


Undeniable Joy

Turn your gaze towards Me this day of rest and focus your heart on  Me with all your being. Relax in My loving arms without worrying about those around you so that you might experience My deepest Peace., My unconditional Love, My  undeniable Joy.
Respond to My Presence today by worshipping Me in spirit and and in truth. Truly, you will leave that place satisfied!

Christmas List

“What do I  want for Christmas.?” you remember to ask.  As you begin the final days of preparation for celebrating My earthly birth, know that your heart is all I want. In  all your ways acknowledge Me, and I will, indeed, give you the desires of your heart.  My gifts back to you will be Love, Peace, Joy.  I will fill you to overflowing so that you can share with any who want what you’ve got.