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Love never fails

I know your heart when you sing to Me; I know your soul when you dance before Me.  Indeed, My love will engulf you in response to your worship.  Choose My unending love. . . .

PhotoGrid_1470888169668I AM patient and kind. I AM not envious or jealous; nor am I prideful. I walk in humility without being rude or offensive. My heart breaks when you insist on your rights without consideration of My direction, but I rejoice when you allow My truth to prevail.
Truly,  My love will withstand any test. I believe in you.

Peace I give to you

peace-i-giveLet not your heart be troubled nor afraid ; instead, worship Me so that My Father in heaven can commune with you. Peace is my continuous gift for those  who obediently seek Me. Come to our secret place expecting to soak in My Glory, to be filled with a Joy that is unquenchable; and that elusive, undeniable Peace will be spilled into your life for all who cross your path to see.


See Me!

Ipour out your glory love to share My glory with you! Have you seen My magnificent visual gifts with your spiritual eyes? Don’t you want to experience how much I love you in tangible ways?
Just stop.
Stop right where you are and SEE Me! I am here! Touch Me with your heart; acknowledge Me throughout your day, and I will show you great and mighty things!



IMG_20160820_011631I know  the desperation  in your spirit  as you struggle to understand the injustices in this world, My precious child, but I tell you that you cannot experience true peace and contentment until forgiveness cleanses your heart. Come into your secret place and empty yourself of the negative emotions that keep you in turmoil and allow My Glory to fill the void in your heart. Indeed,I have already set you free!


Pure love

Come to Me, My child, when you need understanding since I do, IMG_20160818_225058indeed, know you better than your closest friend. Only I can treat you with kindness and gentleness that you desire because only I can view your flaws through a filter of grace.

Won’t you sit in My Presence and allow My purest love to be poured out over you? Truly, the Oil of My forgiveness will cleanse you of guilt and then it will restore you to rightstanding with My Father in Heaven.