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Come, dear one, and dance with Me in the rain . When you are thirsty and dry, remember that I have made plans to change you as We waltz throughout the day.

Indeed, enjoy ; for this is My cleansing, refreshing Living Water poured out just for you!


Love never fails

I know your heart when you sing to Me; I know your soul when you dance before Me.  Indeed, My love will engulf you in response to your worship.  Choose My unending love. . . .

PhotoGrid_1470888169668I AM patient and kind. I AM not envious or jealous; nor am I prideful. I walk in humility without being rude or offensive. My heart breaks when you insist on your rights without consideration of My direction, but I rejoice when you allow My truth to prevail.
Truly,  My love will withstand any test. I believe in you.

Be Loosed!

IMG_20160823_153006Be ye loosed this day to worship Me with abandon, O child of Mine, for this is indeed the day that I have declared to be your rest!  Hear My whispered call beckoning you to that secret place that We share, and be drawn to the Well that will never run dry.  In this place I will saturate you in the sweet goodness of My Spirit, you will be renewed once again; and then…….go to church!  There you can now feel free to worship Me in the fellowship of other believers and be encouraged in your walk with Me.