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He set you free

If your journey in this valley has exhausted you, remember that I  am waiting to restore your energy, your will, and your enthusiasm. Bring your weariness to Me, and I will set you free from the chains that bind you,the darkness that envelopes you, and the enemy who oppresses you.

Indeed, freedom from the law of sin and death is My eternal promise to you.


Set free

freedom - John 8:36Be ye set free from daily tasks that are performed for any reason other than serving Me. Have you forgotten that I promised you that My burden is light? Stop striving in your flesh when it cannot be blessed.

Empty your schedule of all busyness for, truly, it does not glorify Me. Instead, join Me in Our secret place so that I might minister to your spirit and energize you with pure joy.



IMG_20160820_011631I know  the desperation  in your spirit  as you struggle to understand the injustices in this world, My precious child, but I tell you that you cannot experience true peace and contentment until forgiveness cleanses your heart. Come into your secret place and empty yourself of the negative emotions that keep you in turmoil and allow My Glory to fill the void in your heart. Indeed,I have already set you free!