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Do not expect this fallen world to treat you fairly – people will always disappoint you. When you feel mistreated, view it as an opportunity to grow in grace and earnestly seek true forgiveness in your heart. This is your pathway to true joy in this life!

By removing the heavy burdens of unforgiveness and resentment from your shoulders, you can now freely wear My robes of righteousness and keep your focus on Me.

Undeniable Joy

Turn your gaze towards Me this day of rest and focus your heart on  Me with all your being. Relax in My loving arms without worrying about those around you so that you might experience My deepest Peace., My unconditional Love, My  undeniable Joy.
Respond to My Presence today by worshipping Me in spirit and and in truth. Truly, you will leave that place satisfied!

Is your Joy showing?

Do not allow any circumstance of your day intimidate you! The more challenging your day, the more Power I will display. My power is greater than any circumstance, any situation, any person that confronts you this day. Look at your day as an opportunity to glorify My Father and share with any who will hear your testimony of His greatness. Is your JOY showing?


Need to Trust

Will you trust Me with all you have within you.? What We can accomplish together is proportional to how much you depend on Me. Indeed, difficult times will heighten your need for Me in your life, but know that you can be lulled into a sense of self-sufficiency when circumstances do not pressure you to turn to Me.
Your goal is to consistently trust Me, giving thanks in all circumstances,  so that you are always full of JOY.