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Watching and Waiting

Is today the day that My Father has chosen for My glorious return? Truly, I tell you that no one knows the day nor the hour. Just as I await that day, so must you be prepared for My second coming by diligently watching and waiting.
Anticipate My return with enthusiasm so that you become a bold witness in out doubting world.   Soon…very soon…


Watch and pray

Look for Me in the midst of the chaos around you. As you watch in disbelief at the events of the day, know that I Am still on the throne.  Keep your focus on Me for it is written: “no one knows the day nor the hour, not even the angels in heaven nor the Son, but only the Father.”

So watch and pray that you may have the strength to escape all that is about to happen….


Oil in My Lamp

streets of gold

I have been diligently preparing a place for you just as My Father in Heaven has commissioned Me to do. When everything is ready, I will come to get you.

Are you growing weary and restless while you await My return? Truly I tell you that the time is  drawing near.   The  trumpet will sound,  and I will be coming for My bride. Will there be oil your lamp?