Doubt and Fear

Why are you downcast,  My precious child?  Yes,  darkness fills your life with doubt and fear,  but My Light overcomes any negative diubt-and-fearenergy that turns your focus from Me.

“Trust Me with your whole being,” says the Lord who loves you more, “and I will increase your faith so that you can finish your journey with joy.  Indeed,  it is My Glory that goes before you and lights your way.”


What He has done

Remember that I Am a God of abundance, My child, when you feel lacking. I have promised that My well shall never run dry; My capacity to bless you is limitless. Come into My Presence and experience My overwhelming fragrance of generosity for those who worship Me.

Truly, you have access to as much of Me as you have faith to receive.


Show me your way

God so lovedDo you desire to know Me intimately? Spend time with Me in your secret place. Walk with Me and tell me what is in your heart,

Do you want understanding? Read My Word. Ponder My truths in your heart.  Study to show thyself approved.

Do you seek wisdom?  Ask Me. Indeed, you have not because you asked not.

Do you want what I’ve got?



OvercomerFocus your attention on Me and what I can accomplish in you rather than dwell on your personal weaknesses and failures. Self pity is a tool of your enemy that will diminish our bond, thus weakening your resolve to overcome the obstacles in your path. Draw strength from My word and be encouraged, so that any self indulgence is conquered by My power that is within you.


Give thanks

Surely Goodness and Mercy shall follow you….because you are faithful to trust in Me; because you choose to be thankful in all circumstances. As you keep your eyes on Me, the easier it is to trust; the more you trust, the easier it is to be thankful in every situation. Can you see, My child, how your faith in Me will protect you throughout your day? Come! We have work to do…..