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Choose Thanksgiving

Thanking Me in the midst of every storm, every temptation, and yes, even when you feel abandoned will surely make a difference in your heart. As you persist in positive attitudes and words of prayer and praise, your spirit will soon soar above every negative situation.
prayer and praiseIt is true, dear one, that you cannot help what you think or how you feel. However, our Father gave us a free will. Therefore it becomes your choice each day whether you will thank Me or blame Me in every situation.


gratitudeThankfulness is not magic, it is an attitude that will immediately usher you into My Presence. A grateful heart will focus on your blessings in the midst of trials and the hardest of life’s tribulations. In this place of gratitude, I can lavish My grace and unconditional love on you, so that you can then, in turn, bless others.
Be ye filled with the Joy of the Lord!


Give thanks

Surely Goodness and Mercy shall follow you….because you are faithful to trust in Me; because you choose to be thankful in all circumstances. As you keep your eyes on Me, the easier it is to trust; the more you trust, the easier it is to be thankful in every situation. Can you see, My child, how your faith in Me will protect you throughout your day? Come! We have work to do…..


Pray Without Ceasing

Remembering to thank Me frequently throughout your day is following a command that Paul gives in Thessalonians – ‘pray without ceasing.’ This attitude of gratefulness provides you with a platform on which to build a relationship with Me rather than  the constant assault on all of your senses. 


When your mind is preoccupied with thankfulness, you will find less time for worrying or complaining. Instead, I will strengthen your resolve to follow Me, and I will fill you with My Joy and My Peace.


Come Back

return to metool Where has your resolve gone, My child? Remember how close We once were? We shared a Spirit that was crafted by Our Father to empower Us to face every challenge of each day. Stop where you are and turn back to Me for I AM still here.
Allow My Spirit to cleanse you of regret and self-condemnation in preparation for the joy that will flood your whole being! Then you will be able to  sing – ” It is well with my soul!”