Wisdom and Understanding

Judgment  day will soon become reality,  and you and I will be  standing before My Father.  Are you prepared? Who wants what you’ve got?    Truly, only I can mold you into that  leader  who speaks with wisdom and authority.

Come. Study with Me to show thyself approved…


He set you free

If your journey in this valley has exhausted you, remember that I  am waiting to restore your energy, your will, and your enthusiasm. Bring your weariness to Me, and I will set you free from the chains that bind you,the darkness that envelopes you, and the enemy who oppresses you.

Indeed, freedom from the law of sin and death is My eternal promise to you.


I Am here!

Be encouraged, My child, as you struggle to stay focused on Me. I know that your heart’s desire is to remain aware of My Presence throughout your day – just pause and think about how far We have come in our personal relationship! Positive thinking will take you farther than the critical spirit you are tempted with each day.

Truly, this world is designed to distract you from My influence. Rather than feeling guilty, allow your spirit to joyfully run back into My Presence. I AM here; I AM here! Find Me waiting for you…


Robes of righteousness

It was My choice to shed My blood for you.  Indeed,  freely I allowed my body to be crucified so that you might have eternal life with Me. Cover yourself with My sacrificial robes of righteousness so that you can boldly enter My Father’s sanctuary.

Come, My precious one. Stand under the spout where My Glory pours out and experience complete forgiveness. Here you will be filled to overflowing with the ability to forgive others…and then your Joy will be full.

You are chosen

Child of Mine, do not doubt that I have chosen you since the beginning of time. We created you to walk the paths chosen for you. Believe that a hedge of protection is securely in place and that you can flourish, and yes, prosper as you strive to keep pace with Me;then you will relax and enjoy Our relationship in the present.
Indeed, your hope and your future are secured for eternity. Nothing can take this inheritance from you. Embrace My love, trust that my promises are true, and share your joy with any who has an ear to hear.