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Anxious Moments

Lasting abundant Life is found only in Me. Why do you continue to seek satisfaction for your flesh in this fallen world?
Instead, bring those anxious moments and the fears that haunt your spirit into My Presence and leave them with Me. I will replace your anxieties with hope for the future, a lightness in your step, and a river of Joy that cannot be denied.


He set you free!

If your journey in this valley has exhausted you, remember that I  am waiting to restore your energy, your will, and your enthusiasm. Bring your weariness to Me, and I will set you free from the chains that bind you,the darkness that envelopes you, and the enemy who oppresses you.

Indeed, freedom from the law of sin and death is My eternal promise to you.


He gives and takes away

In order to live in My Presence, you must recognize your rebellious tendencies.  Even though you may have resented My interference in your daily life, you must come to realize that you live in a negative world.  Only then can you bring your weaknesses  before Me so that I might set you free.
Blessed be the Name of the Lord; He gives and He takes away. Blessed be His name!


No condemnation

Yes, My child, the law of the Spirit has set you free from the law of sin and death – there is now therefore no condemnation for you who dwell in Me! This radical freedom can be your way of life as you come to Me each day, fill your soul with My love, and accept your birthright…. That your joy may be full!


Loosed to Worship

free-to-worshipBe ye loosed this day to worship Me with abandon, O child of Mine, for this is indeed the day that I have declared to be your rest! Hear My whispered call beckoning you to that secret place that We share, and be drawn to the Well that will never run dry. In this place I will saturate you in the sweet goodness of My Spirit, you will be renewed once again; and then…….go to church! There you can now feel free to worship Me in the fellowship of other believers and be encouraged in your walk with Me.