Shhh!                                                 You can only learn when you are silent, so come into My Presence willing to listen for My still, small voice. My Spirit will minister to you in this quiet place and teach you the intimate ways of the Lord. Indeed, in this secret place you will be strengthened to face the giants of your day and you will know the unexplainable joy promised to those who ask.

Again, I say, shhhh!


Declare your Dependence

Absolutely nothing takes Me by surprise. Trust Me, dear one, to protect you from overwhelming circumstances as long as you stay by My side. Remember that My Glory surrounds you as well as it goes before you. Declare your dependence on Me as you encounter every oJoy is strengthbstacle, and My joy will flood your spirit, fill you with enthusiasm, and then strengthen your resolve to be an overcomer.

He set you free!

If your journey in this valley has exhausted you, remember that I  am waiting to restore your energy, your will, and your enthusiasm. Bring your weariness to Me, and I will set you free from the chains that bind you,the darkness that envelopes you, and the enemy who oppresses you.

Indeed, freedom from the law of sin and death is My eternal promise to you.


One Master

You can serve only one master, and there is only one true King. Choose you this day whom you will serve. If I AM your chosen Lord, why do you seek pleasure outside of My Presence? I tell you, child, I Am a jealous God, and I require your undivided attention.
Come to Me with your concerns and your doubts; allow Me to empower you to be an unwavering witness that knows My Voice. Indeed, you will surely find freedom by seeking to please Me as your only Master.


Trust Me

Now, will you follow Me where I lead and leave the outcome of the day in My hands?  Focus on the present; concentrate on staying in step with Me. Truly, I will lead you safely to green pastures and soothe you with the still waters of My Spirit.
Because I have already gone before you and made provision for every trial, believe that My Spirit will strengthen you for the coming journey through a dry desert, and We will overcome each obstacle together.