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Do you know Me?

There is an eternity of trouble-free, pain-free living prepared for you….
Come, all who are weary; I AM your Source for healing grace. I AM your refreshing fountain of Living Water who can completely consume you and restore your soul.
You can become joint heirs with Me by calling Me Lord.


Make Time

God so lovedMake time to sit in My Presence and soak in my Glory, for this is the place you draw strength to face your day with confident boldness. My peace will flood your soul and this will bring clarity in your mind – it will sharpen your thinking; it will lighten your step; it will carry you along the path I have chosen for you.
Come, My Child, and take My hand. We can accomplish much together.


Storing up treasure

Each time you acknowledge Me, you build trust in our relationship. The more you trust Me in your daily life, the easier it will be to turn twait-for-meo Me when you are in turmoil.
Spending quiet time in My Presence is how you store up treasure in heaven, and that treasure converts to peace in the midst of any storm. In the quiet of the morning, draw strength and confidence to face every circumstance, and expect victory at the end of the day.


Help for today

Come, My child, into your hiding place and share your concerns for the coming day – I AM waiting for you. With My help you will overcome the obstacles in your path for truly I AM your ever-victory-in-jesuspresent Help in troubled times.

As you seek Me, allow My Spirit to fill you with the confident authority possessed by a Child of the King. Stand and face your day with boldness, expecting to be victorious. Indeed, I have already gone before you.


early will I seek thee

early-will-i-seek-thetWorship Me this day so that My Father in heaven can commune with you. Peace is my continuous gift for those  who obediently seek Me, Come to our secret place expecting to soak in My Glory, to be filled with a Joy that is unquenchable; and that elusive, undeniable Peace will be spilled into your life for all who cross your path to see.