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Humble Thyself

True humbleness will take the sting out of any adversity you will face today. Come, my weary child, and sit in My Presence and allow Me to wash away all pride so that I can fill your heart with a spirit of humility…

As you seek My face – regardless of the chaos of your day – I will flood your being with genuine serenity and pure Joy; enough for you and enough for those with whom you will share.

Make Time

God so lovedMake time to sit in My Presence and soak in my Glory, for this is the place you draw strength to face your day with confident boldness. My peace will flood your soul and this will bring clarity in your mind – it will sharpen your thinking; it will lighten your step; it will carry you along the path I have chosen for you.
Come, My Child, and take My hand. We can accomplish much together.


I have your back!

seeWill you allow Me to remove all distractions and bless you with My Word for you? My desire is that you depend on My Light to guide your steps and trust that I have you firmly in My grasp. I will never let you go!
Truly, I AM your security; I AM the everlasting arms that can protect you from all that would threaten you. I AM next to you; I AM before you…one step at a time. Surely My Goodness and Mercy shall follow you all the days of your life – WE have your back!