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Yes, I Am a sovereign God, and My ways are higher than yours; nor can you think My thoughts.  Will you not worship Me today with your whole heart just as you did when we first met?  Remember?   I  do,  indeed,  restore your hope and your joy when you rest peacefully in My Presence.

Draw daily from this Well which never runs dry, and your cup will surely overflow…


Find Restoration

If your journey has exhausted you in this Valley of transition, remember that I Am patiently waiting to restore your energy, your will, and your enthusiasm. You can find Me beside the still waters where I encourage you to drink deeply from My fountain of love for you. psalm 23
While you linger in My Presence, I will remind you that all I expect from you is your adoration and ultimately your trust.

Love One Another

choose-joyThis is My commandment: that you love one another so that your JOY may be full. Indeed, when your cup overflows with the joy that I give you, there is nothing that can rob you of that inner strength.

Come. Sit in My Presence and draw from My endless well of Living Water. The desire of My heart is to quench your every thirst until you are completely satisfied.

#whowantswhatyouvegot ?

Are you ready?

There is truloil-in-my-lampy healing grace when you rest in My Presence for I AM your Restorer. I will restore your broken heart with songs of deliverance; I will remove the fear that grips your spirit and place it under your feet.  Yes, dear one,  it is My Purpose to cleanse you of evil and replace the void with My good, My direction for your life, and My Joy. Are you ready?