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Declare My Glory

Declare this day to Whom you pledge allegiance. Time is growing short, and My Father in heaven will soon send Me to collect My bride. Will you be among those who are prepared? I tell you truly, the rocks are beginning to cry out because the roar of thunderous praise is growing fainter. Indeed, I Am requires your voice as you go out into your day.
firmaments declare your gloryI call My church, those who are called by My name, to proclaim My Glory every waking moment, to walk in confessed forgiveness, and to shout victory in Jesus!

Are you ready?

There is truloil-in-my-lampy healing grace when you rest in My Presence for I AM your Restorer. I will restore your broken heart with songs of deliverance; I will remove the fear that grips your spirit and place it under your feet.  Yes, dear one,  it is My Purpose to cleanse you of evil and replace the void with My good, My direction for your life, and My Joy. Are you ready?


Oil in My Lamp

streets of gold

I have been diligently preparing a place for you just as My Father in Heaven has commissioned Me to do. When everything is ready, I will come to get you.

Are you growing weary and restless while you await My return? Truly I tell you that the time is  drawing near.   The  trumpet will sound,  and I will be coming for My bride. Will there be oil your lamp?