Brighten Your Corner

img_20160913_001040Daily routines can become monotonous and boring. Will you spend time with Me just for the pleasure of the moment?
In the time you share with Me, I will brighten the dullest of gray days and shine Light into the deepest dark of night. Start your routine today with Me so that you stay focused on your tasks at hand. Even the most confusing day will be filled with enthusiasm because you have been with Me. Clarity of mind is yours, My child, when you trust Me.


All That You Need


Bring Me your sacrifice of time, and I will multiply your effectiveness. I will clarify your thoughts; I will organize your day.
Truly, I am the One from whom all blessings flow. Linger for a while in My Presence this day and experience the warmth of My Glory . It will sustain you; it will energize you; it will empower you. Look expectantly for miracles throughout your day and be quick to give Me glory. This will be your blessing today.


See Me!

Ipour out your glory love to share My glory with you! Have you seen My magnificent visual gifts with your spiritual eyes? Don’t you want to experience how much I love you in tangible ways?
Just stop.
Stop right where you are and SEE Me! I am here! Touch Me with your heart; acknowledge Me throughout your day, and I will show you great and mighty things!


Tarry With Me

Won’t you tarry with Me for a while in the midst of your day? I have img_20160910_010428much to tell you. As you walk the path I have chosen for you, I can show you the obstacles as well as the opportunities.
Maturity in your spiritual life can only happen in My Presence. The positive changes that you want will evolve slowly as you walk with Me by your side. Take Me with you; trust Me to guide you…introduce Me to those we meet. Let’s make a difference in someone’s life today.


Pray Without Ceasing

Remembering to thank Me frequently throughout your day is following a command that Paul gives in Thessalonians – ‘pray without ceasing.’ This attitude of gratefulness provides you with a platform on which to build a relationship with Me rather than  the constant assault on all of your senses. 


When your mind is preoccupied with thankfulness, you will find less time for worrying or complaining. Instead, I will strengthen your resolve to follow Me, and I will fill you with My Joy and My Peace.