Cast your cares upon Me

IMG_20160813_231616Worry  is a futile exercise in unbelief. As you confess this as weakness in My Presence, I will replace your anxiety with a new resolve to trust Me in every situation of your day.

Determine once again to allow My Spirit to completely consume your time so that your faith will be strengthened and your profession will grow louder. Truly,  I AM all that you need today….


You Are Worthy

Yes, dear one, you are worthy of My Love; not because of what you have done – rather it is what I have done. No matter how much you clean up your behavior, the answer will always be no if you ask to focus on Meenter My Father’s world without My robes of righteousness hiding all of your imperfections.
So, bring those anxious inquiries to My attention, and I will impress you with glimpses of your heavenly home. It truly will become a glorious destination as you allow My Presence to control your thoughts and show you great things


Now is the time to worship

come now is the time to worshipRemember, dear one, that even though I choose to dwell with you, I Am still the Creator of all heaven and earth. Use this day to see your surroundings with My eyes so that you can prepare your heart to worship Me in pure spirit and undiluted truth.
My Spirit has been imparted to you to be your Helper. Sit with Us so that We might open your eyes… Come. Now is the time to worship.