Preparation for Battle

Giving Me the control of your mind is the ultimate acknowledgment of your trust in Me. Truly, your thoughts are elusive, your decisions are inconsistent, and your self-confidence crumbles with every attack by the enemy. Come to Me, I say, and touch the scepter in My hand. Allow My Spirit to exchange your weaknesses for courageous boldness, battle ready, and confident humility. Prepare for the battles to come….in My Presence.


Practice My Presence

Will you linger in our secret place with Me for a while longer? Resist your impulse to plunge into your day and stay in My presence without anxiousness … if you will call out to Me, I will answer you; yes, I will tell you great and mighty things.

Relax with Me so that I might prepare you completely  for the day.
Surely you will be blessed and ready for every circumstance that faces you today!


No condemnation

Yes, My child, the law of the Spirit has set you free from the law of sin and death – there is now therefore no condemnation for you who dwell in Me! This radical freedom can be your way of life as you come to Me each day, fill your soul with My love, and accept your birthright…. That your joy may be full!



As the sun comes up to light your day, will you pause and listen to My voice? I have made plans for you knowing exactly how to arrange your schedule, who to bring across your path, and I have implanted Words of encouragement for you to cast onto fertile ground.

I will not reveal to you what lies ahead, but be assured, My child, that I have equipped you to survive whatever comes your way. Yes, we are more than survivors – We are more than conquerors – together.


Under the spout

Won’t you walk with Me in the freedom of forgiveness today? That burden you carry will cause you to stumble and fall on this narrow path that We take togther.  Only at your request will I take that burden from you so that you may walk tall before my Father. Truly, it is My unconditional love for you that will set you free!