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Going Deeper

Victory is My promise when you fight your battles on your knees. Because you are My child, I will always hear your cries and be your Protector, your Provider, your Avenger, your Healer.  Come deeper still into My Presence and experience the quiet Peace that is your reward.

Steps to Victory

Fear not, for I Am with you through every battle large and small. Position yourself in My Presence with expectation in your heart – permit My Spirit to become your shield of faith; watch as I deliver the enemy into your hand; then declare your victory as you sing praises to My name!


Seeking Him

IIMG_20160801_222236f you will seek Me, you will find Me,  dear one. My imminent Presence is a constant shield that protects you from the fiery darts of the enemy as well as a comforting shelter where you are encouraged to face every challenge with confidence . Truly I tell you that you cannot hide your thoughts from Me,  so embrace My intimate nearness and allow My Glory to fill you and then usher you into your day.  Can you see? Victory is Mine!



Are you distracted as you seek Me this day? Do not be frustrated, just refocus – that’s all. I’m here always; I will never leave you. img_20161117_010035Rejoice this day knowing that I have gone before you and prepared your path so that you can walk confidently in the tasks set before you. Be encouraged while you linger in My Presence; recognize that your own weaknesses will only reveal My power to overcome every obstacle to your victory this day.


Confident Boldness

Come to Me and rest in My Presence for this day will be a test. Fear not, for I am with you!worship with your whole heart
Draw from My Word the encouragement that you need to be confident in your decisions that face you today. Go into your world with assurance that I have, indeed, gone before you and opened doors and prepared hearts. Rejoice in your victories!