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Affirm Your Faith

Do you hear Me when I whisper, “Trust Me and do not be afraid.”? Trials and challenges come from every direction, it’s true. Fear and discouragement are favorite tools of Our enemy. When you start to take your eyes off of Me, when you begin to succumb to trust in the lordyour fear, affirm you faith by calling on My name and trusting My Word. Shout to the Lord with a loud voice, praise My Holy name. Compose yourself in My Presence, and walk boldly into your day.


Make your choice

Recognize that choosing My path is in direct conflict with the way of this world, therefore the battle is wearisome. If you stop to rest, the negative forces of this world will sweep you away from Me.

I ask you again to come and draw strength to finish your tasks with excellence. Your main responsibility is to listen to My voice and follow where I lead. Truly, My work will not stress you nor will you be overwhelmed by the demands of the day when you start your day in My Presence.


Who loves you most?

Slow your steps in this fast paced life so that you can fall into My waiting arms. In this place of loving submission, I can carry you into a  the quietness of Our secret place. It is here that you can, indeed, hear My still voice as I  whisper your name and speak wholeness and life into your chaotic world.

Rest, My child, in the arms of the One who loves you most; I will heal the wounds that have been inflicted by the fiery darts of the enemy and I will carry you through to the end of your day.