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Follower of Jesus Christ who was and is and is to come.

Overcoming Power

OvercomerFocus your attention on Me and accomplish in you rather than dwell on your personal weaknesses and failures. Indeed, give thanks for the things We do together.

Self pity is a tool of our enemy that will diminish our bond, thus weakening your resolve to overcome the obstacles in your path. Draw strength from My word and be encouraged, so that any self-indulgence is conquered by My power that is within you. Again, I tell you that My Father in heaven does see what We do in My name. So come! Let’s praise Him together.


Chosen Path

Behold! I have chosen your path; it is uniquely tailored for Our walk together in this world. Your role is not to judge or criticize the direction We go, rather trust Me to lead without question. Truly, My unconditional love will be your best reward.

So, will you be content in the path I choose? Immerse yourself in My Presence as We prepare for our day together, and expect to see great and mighty things.


Trust in Him

Trust in the LordTrust Me at all times; again I say, trust Me with all your heart in every circumstance. As the busyness of your day begins to weigh heavy upon your shoulders, remember that I have promised to take care of your every concern and meet every need. When you enter My Presence and cast your cares upon Me, it is then that you have relinquished control of every situation and fallen into the security of My everlasting arms.