Purpose and a Plan

Yes, dear one, I have been a part of my Father’s plan since the beginning. He knew then what it would take to have a personal relationship with you. In fact, He planted the seed; He nourished and nurtured that sapling, and We grew the tree knowing that it would be used to make the old rugged cross. This love is stronger than any emotion that you might feel. My Father gave His only son – I gave My life so that you might live. This amazing love is truly yours for eternity. Reach out….

Reach Out

Slow your pace in this fast paced world so that you can reach out and touch the hem of My garment; then you can, indeed, hear My still small voice. I speak wholeness and life into your chaotic world when you pause to give Me praise.
knowyour healer
Rest, My child, in the arms of the One who loves you most; I will heal the wounds that have been inflicted by the fiery darts of the enemy and I will carry you through to the end of your day.


I Am your Peace

I am your Comforter; I am your Peace. When you are heartbroken, draw even closer to Me so that I can strengthen your resolved to walk in confident trust throughout the day. I will place a guard around you so that the fiery darts of the enemy cannot penetrate your heart.
Walk with Me in this dark day, My child, and I will lead you into My Father’s Light where you will be warmed and filled with His Glory.


Time for reaping

Remember, My child, it is I that have chosen you; I strive with you each day to teach you how to live your life pleasing to Our Father who has commanded that we love one another. Take time to bask in My glorious Presence and draw from My endless well today so that you are properly prepared to speak truth without condemnation.
It is My unconditional love and unspeakable joy that you will reap when you work by My side. Behold, I say unto you, lift up your eyes and look on the fields, for they are white already to harvest.

Freedom of Forgiveness

Won’t you walk with Me in the freedom of forgiveness today? The burden you carry will eventually cause you to stumble and fall on this narrow path that We take togther. Only at your request will I take this  burden from you so that you may walk tall before My Father.

Truly, My child,  it is My unconditional love for you that will set you free!