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Follower of Jesus Christ who was and is and is to come.

Think on these things

The secret to success in this world is trusting Me with your whole heart and keeping your eyes upon Me rather than your problem. As you focus on the things that I set before you – things that are true and noble, things that are pure and just, lovely and of good report – you will soon realize that the obstacles in your path are behind you.
Yes, My child, I AM the Good Shepherd who leads you gently through the day. Expect to be delivered from every oppression that would distract you because you are Mine.


Finding Joy

No matter what is going on in your life, you can find joy in My Presence. My Joy is what your spirit hungers for even when your flesh is craving temporary happiness. Understanding the difference is one more step into a mature relationship with Me.Yes, this is a day that I have planned for you; let’s rejoice in it together. The Joy that floods your soul will overflow and touch others in your path. Be ready to share your source when someone wants what you’ve got.



Be still. Wait expectantly in My Presence, and you will never be disappointed. Waiting is one of the hardest commands to understand; it is also the hardest to do when your whole being has a need to “do something.” Ask Me to quiet you mind, focus your attention, heighten your sensitivity to My Spirit so that you can then hear My still, small voice within you speaking wonderful words of life. My words, indeed, will fill you with elusive Peace and ultimate Joy.


Source of Confidence

In order to walk with Me in bold confidence you must sit in My Presence and draw strength from My Word. Blessings untold are revealed only in this quiet place of surrender, and there will I fill you with that elusive unconditional love and acceptance that you seek.
Grow in this grace, My child, so that you can find opportunity to be a blessing, as your own cup overflows.


Elusive Peace

The Peace that I offer you is found only in My Presence. You prove your unbelief when you strive to control the outcome of tomorrow. Your words profess faith in Me, but your actions tell the true state of your heart. Distraction is a tool of our enemy; but as you trust Me to dispel the clouds of confusion that encompass you, clarity of mind will be yours.
Truly, I tell you that I designed your mind for focus on Me. As you practice trusting Me for your future, that elusive Peace will be yours.