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Make your choice

Recognize that choosing My path is in direct conflict with the way of this world, therefore the battle is wearisome. If you stop to rest, the negative forces of this world will sweep you away from Me.

I ask you again to come and draw strength to finish your tasks with excellence. Your main responsibility is to listen to My voice and follow where I lead. Truly, My work will not stress you nor will you be overwhelmed by the demands of the day when you start your day in My Presence.


Choose My Presence

As you journey through life, there are many pitfalls. My Presence is both a promise and a shield of protection. I can defend you from the choose-whom-you-will-servedarkness of self-pity and despair, pride and self-will…but you must willingly accept these gifts.

Yes, even those who care for you most will lead you away from My side. So, I say, “Choose you this day whom you will serve… ”
Truly, My precious child, My Presence is your most precious gift today.