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Come Back

return to metool Where has your resolve gone, My child? Remember how close We once were? We shared a Spirit that was crafted by Our Father to empower Us to face every challenge of each day. Stop where you are and turn back to Me for I AM still here.
Allow My Spirit to cleanse you of regret and self-condemnation in preparation for the joy that will flood your whole being! Then you will be able to ┬ásing – ” It is well with my soul!”


Chosen Path

Behold! I have chosen your path; it is uniquely tailored for Our walk together in this world. Your role is not to judge or criticize the direction We go, rather trust Me to lead without question. Truly, My unconditional love will be your best reward.

So, will you be content in the path I choose? Immerse yourself in My Presence as We prepare for our day together, and expect to see great and mighty things.