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The hem of My garment

Exactly how important is it that you touch Me? I tell you truly that you must focus on the prize which is so very elusive in this very chaotic and distracting season of your life.
knowyour healer
If you need encouragement, seek My face; if you need My healing touch, reach for the hem of My garment. If you need provision, hold out your hand. When you are lost and in need of direction, watch for My Light. Indeed, I AM all that you need today.


Healing Grace

healing-graceCome to Me with all of your weaknesses – physical, emotional, spiritual. Resting in My arms will nourish your thirsting soul, and I will administer the healing balm of Gilead to your open wounds. Yes, precious one,   My touch is all that you need today…

So, take you mind off of your problems and turn your eyes upon Me. I will, indeed, do more than you can ask or imagine.


Tears that heal

My unending love for you burns constantly within the center of My being. Not one concern or fear in your spirit goes unnoticed; no tear tearsfalls that I do not salvage and keep for eternity. Turn to Me in your desperate times and spill all of your emotion, all of your frustration, and all of your anxiety out before Me, so that I might bathe you in tears and then apply My balm of healing grace to your clean heart.
Be ye encouraged that I have, indeed, already won your battle.


Walking and leaping and praising God

walking-and-leaping-and-praisingThere are signs and wonders following Me everywhere  I go . You too can experience  the same exhilarating life that the lame man who begged at the temple gate experienced. He chose to trade his dependency on the generosity of mankind for the healing grace that I can offer. 

Indeed, freedom from your bondage is a declaration away.  My Spirit woos you to jump to your feet and began to walk. In exhilarating  freedom you can boldly enter My  courts with praise on your lips. Rise up, My child, and proclaim  your destiny as an overcomer!