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Are you ready?

Indeed,  you have been chosen to be My bride.  Prepare yourself for my imminent return for  you.   Strive this day to remain watchful even in your busiest moments. Include Me in your conversation; tell Me what delights you, things that upset you. Share your thoughts and emotions with Me – not for My sake, My child, but for yours.



Robes of righteousness

It was My choice to shed My blood for you.  Indeed,  freely I allowed my body to be crucified so that you might have eternal life with Me. Cover yourself with My sacrificial robes of righteousness so that you can boldly enter My Father’s sanctuary.

Come, My precious one. Stand under the spout where My Glory pours out and experience complete forgiveness. Here you will be filled to overflowing with the ability to forgive others…and then your Joy will be full.

Child of the King

My Father commanded that all of His angels would be commissioned to protect you before time began, and I have been charged with preparing a place in eternity for you. Yes, you are so loved!

Can you comprehend that you are joint heirs with Me, that I willingly paid with My life so that you have access to My Father’s throne?   Indeed,  you are a child of the King.

Wisdom is what you want

What do youwant from My Father  in heaven? Only My Light can illuminate your path through the darkest of valleys.   Only My Voice will guide you through the noise that threatens to distract you.
When you feel overwhelmed with confusion… Stop! Wait! Wait until you hear Me clearly.  It is then that you will walk confidently out of that darkness into My marvelous Light.

Truly, it is wisdom that you seek.