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You do, indeed, live in a fallen world that is unraveling right before you. Only an intimate relationship with Me will protect you from the attacks of Our adversary.
When you advance into enemy territory, you must prepare yourself. Allow Me to dress you in My armor as you get prepared for your day, remembering that with proper preparation, We can face and ultimately overcome any obstacle together. However, understand that My armor does not cover your back – trust Me for I Am your Protector and the Lifter of your head.


Saturated in Jesus

Do not be downcast, My child, for the law of the Spirit has set you free from the law of sin and death. Indeed, your focus must shift from seeking approval in this world to accepting My unconditional love for you.

This freedom will become your habit as you seek Me each day.  As  you saturate  your soul with My forgiveness  and truly accept My unconditiona gift of Love , you will then be that bold witness with a powerful testimony of victory,


Doubt and Fear

Why are you downcast,  My precious child?  Yes,  darkness fills your life with doubt and fear,  but My Light overcomes any negative diubt-and-fearenergy that turns your focus from Me.

“Trust Me with your whole being,” says the Lord who loves you more, “and I will increase your faith so that you can finish your journey with joy.  Indeed,  it is My Glory that goes before you and lights your way.”


Set Free

freedom - John 8:36There is now no condemnation for those who belong to Me. Indeed, I have pardoned your every transgression and I have redeemed you for all eternity. Leave that burden of guilt at the foot of My cross, trusting Me to deliver you from eternal judgement. Accept once again My sacrifice and trust Me to lead you beside still waters that will refresh you, restore you, and fill you with a new hope for your future.