Thou art loosed!

There is none who loves you more than I.

Indeed, I love you enough to give you the freedom to choose your master. However do not mistake the gentle breeze that carries you so far away from My Presence as permission to frolic in darkness without consequence, for My Light will find you. Instead, choose the high places that I can lead you to, places where you will be cherished and protected. This is where you will experience true love.

Light of the world

Hold My hand as We walk through the day together with assurance that My promise is truth : I will never leave you nor forsake you. Because I Am the Light of the world, your steps will always be set on solid ground. And just as I light your path, I desire you to be a Light bearer for those whose lives you can touch. My Spirit will shine through your eyes, your testimony will draw others to Me, and My Father will get the Glory.

Victory today!

The light of My Presence shines on Our path as We walk together, and it banishes all fear and anxious thoughts because you are focused on Me. Hold My hand and boldly face the events of this day for truly I have already gone before you.
PhotoGrid_1459834763766Remember, child, that you were created to be dependent on Me, so do not condemn you weaknesses when you stray from My side. Instead, draw strength from your faith as you experience victory at each challenge that We confront together.