Into the Valley

Take My hand, impetuous one, and focus on Me. Trust that I am leading you in the path you should take. When you look past Me you are missing My present direction and My present blessing. Yes, We must go into the valley, true; however We do not stay there.

Life lessons must be learned in the valleys, and the greatest blessings will not be missed when your eyes are on Me. You may feel isolated and alone, but you are planted and being nourished. Embrace your time of growth. Remember?  I have plans for you….


Since the Beginning

In the beginning I was with God; yes, I Am God of all time and all space. Seek Me early that I might commune with you and then keep Me close throughout your day. Understand that the enemy will distract you with all things that would concern you. However, the problems of this world will be left behind as you walk with Me.
Trust Me, My child, as I share Our Father’s blessings with you. After all, they have been  yours – since the beginning…


Planning our day

Spending valuable time with Me should not be another chore that you check off on your “to do” list. Indeed,  the time devoted to Me is meant to be peaceful, not stressful.
Come into My presence joyfully and willingly  so that we may make plans together for the day. My plans truly will be better than yours.


Undeniable Joy

Turn your gaze towards Me this day of rest and focus your heart on  Me with all your being. Relax in My loving arms without worrying about those around you so that you might experience My deepest Peace., My unconditional Love, My  undeniable Joy.
Respond to My Presence today by worshipping Me in spirit and and in truth. Truly, you will leave that place satisfied!

He gives and takes away

In order to live in My Presence, you must recognize your rebellious tendencies.  Even though you may have resented My interference in your daily life, you must come to realize that you live in a negative world.  Only then can you bring your weaknesses  before Me so that I might set you free.
Blessed be the Name of the Lord; He gives and He takes away. Blessed be His name!