Taste and See

psalm 19:7-9With your heart full of gratitude, give Me your time; show Me how important our relationship is by sitting with Me to begin this busy day. Let’s share in Our Father’s goodness, and let’s praise Him for His patience and His faithfulness. O, taste and see that the Lord is good! His mercy and grace are gifts from above for those who will acknowledge Him as the Giver of all good and perfect gifts.


Follow Me

Won’t you follow Me along the path I have chosen for you today? Truly, My child, the closer you stay by My side the stronger you will become – stronger spiritually, stronger emotionally, growing steadily more confident in who you are in Me.
Truly, I will make you bold in your testimony, declaring your transformation; drawing others to want that same indescribable joy!


New year


Will you set a new goal this day? Will you seek to please Me before yourself? By setting your mind on things above, you do indeed have a good opportunity to make positive changes that separate you from the ungodly.

I AM able to protect you from scattering your thoughts and accomplishing little. Rather, I can guide you along the path I have chosen  and you can be confident in each step.
Follow  My Light andf step boldly into the new day. .  This is how all of  the responsibilities  become Mine.