Mercy & Grace

Perpetual peace and inexplicable joy are My promised gifts for you. They flow without restraint from m My Father’s throne of grace. You cannot collect My gifts; nor can you hoard them.


Understand, dear one, that you were designed to need Me day by day, moment by moment. So, approach My throne of grace with boldness, expectation, and a grateful heart. My gifts are available in abundance.



Friend of God

PhotoGrid_1454476012049I call you friend, but are you Mine? Indeed, I Am your constant, steadfast Friend. I Am a Friend that loves you unconditionally at all times. Have you laid your concerns, your hopes and your dreams at the foot of My cross? I Am waiting for that personal, intimate relationship with you in Our secret place.  #whowantswhatyouvegot?


I have overcome this world; I have triumphed over your every trial and every difficulty.Overcomer I have defeated  your enemy whose only purpose is to rob you of the joy and peace that I have given to you. Indeed, his job is to render your witness useless so that none would want what you’ve got.

Be set free this day by My love; be filled with My Joy . Rejoice, I say, in this glorious truth – because you are joint heirs with Me,  you are an overcomer too!


He cares for His Own

Do you hear the words when you pray like David prayed, tears“Search me, O God, and know my heart.”?Indeed,  I Am waiting for you in our secret place, patiently planning how to train you in the way you should go.  I do know your anxious thoughts and every scar imprinted upon your heart. Remember?  I have captured every precious tear… Still, My purpose is to lead you in My everlasting way. Take My hand…..

#whowantswhatyouvegot ?