In My Presence

Do you truly want to hear My voice, timid one? Do you want to entrust your worries into My care but struggle to know how? Truly, I tell you that you must do nothing except sit in My Presence and invite Me to share in your day.flee his presence

Give to Me all that concerns you. Let Me set you free from the fear that is hiding deep within you. It all begins… in My Presence.
Rejoice in this day that I have made! Trust that I Am abundantly present, regretting nothing, allowing Me to be bigger than your circumstance.


Come Back

return to metool Where has your resolve gone, My child? Remember how close We once were? We shared a Spirit that was crafted by Our Father to empower Us to face every challenge of each day. Stop where you are and turn back to Me for I AM still here.
Allow My Spirit to cleanse you of regret and self-condemnation in preparation for the joy that will flood your whole being! Then you will be able to  sing – ” It is well with my soul!”


Victory is Mine

Throw off that spirit  of heaviness and wrap yourself in My robes of righteousness. I bought this robe especially for you, paying the IMG_20160822_004133highest price. I want you to feel comfortable wearing My righteousness, trusting Me to lighten your burdens as you walk with Me. “Rejoice not over me, my enemy, for even though I fall this day, I will rise…” (Micah 7:8 – paraphrase mine)

Draw strength from My Word and be prepared to conquer any foe, for My Glory is Your shield, just as My blood is your covering. Come and prepare to celebrate My victory beside Me.



IMG_20160820_011631I know  the desperation  in your spirit  as you struggle to understand the injustices in this world, My precious child, but I tell you that you cannot experience true peace and contentment until forgiveness cleanses your heart. Come into your secret place and empty yourself of the negative emotions that keep you in turmoil and allow My Glory to fill the void in your heart. Indeed,I have already set you free!